Santa Cruz 2025 Skitch Flat bar

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The Skitch is the ultimate city-slicking, traffic-flicking, alleycat-slipping, rat race-escaping teleportation device.
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The powerful and light motor gives you a nudge to spend less time behind a glass windscreen and more time with your knees in the breeze. You’ll look for even more excuses to get on your bike because even a city commute can be as much fun as bike park laps.

Available in: CC Carbon
Wheel Size: 700c
Battery Size: 430 Wh



The slick, light space-age carbon frame contains the 430 Wh battery and silent, frictionless FAZUA RIDE 60 motor. With three power modes available at your fingertips, you choose how much push you want and how much range you get. Customize your ride modes and access more information via the FAZUA app.

430 Wh
60 Nm torque
28 mph
60+ mile range


The Skitch is built for those who want to ride as much as possible while supporting their weekend cycling habit. Commutes become wild fun, an extension of reckless off-road misadventures. Spend less time behind the wheel and more time on two wheels. The Skitch is guaranteed to improve your well-being.

More miles.
More smiles.

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