Atelier mécanique

Discover our different service plans to keep your bike in perfect working order. Choose from our options ranging from basic to pro plans, with quality services to meet your specific needs. Take care of your bike with Cycles Dupuis.




Basic Plan

Advanced Plan



Brake adjustment
Adjusting the derailleurs
Adjusting cable tension
Lubrication of moving parts
Adjusting tire pressure
Checking the bearings
Chain lubrication

Checking spoke tension
Wheel Alignment
Cleaning the surface frame
Checking tightening torques
+ basic plan



Expert Plan

Pro Plan



Cleaning the chain and sprockets
Lubrication of the headset
Application of a protective wax
Checking the wheel hubs
+ advanced plan

Complete disassembly of the bike
Complete cleaning of the frame, wheels,
of ultrasound transmission and
ultrasonic brake system
Parts installation costs included
+ expert plan



*Free estimate. Surplus parts and installation. Cycles Dupuis reserves the right to refuse a bicycle for repair. Repairs are guaranteed for 30 days. Punctures and wheel alignments are not guaranteed. Storage fee of $59.99/month after 30 days. Any bikes under repair for more than 90 days that are not claimed will be given to a charity (unless otherwise agreed).