Discover our expert kinesiology service, offering personalized assessments and training programs tailored to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

Service de kinésiologue pour cycliste


Kinesiology Services


Fitness Assessment
Developing an adapted physical activity program

Physical preparation (performance, following an injury, special condition, optimization of training, modification of lifestyle habits)
Follow-up in private training

Running, cycling, strength training, stretching and mobility


First meeting:
Fitness Assessment

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: $99.99 + taxes

  • Discuss your current physical and mental condition, your experience with physical activity, your lifestyle habits and your injury history.
  • Determine your goals, your preferences and what brings you pleasure from physical activity.
  • Evaluate physical condition through cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, mobility and posture
  • Insurance receipts available in kinesiology




Second meeting:
Submission of the physical activity program

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $129.99 + taxes

  • Explanation of the program in detail
  • Exercise demonstration
  • Execution of exercises and corrections if necessary
  • Advice and exercise modifications as needed
  • Access to the Hexfit platform where you will have access to your program, your planning and monitoring of your activities
  • Insurance receipts available in kinesiology




Follow-up in private training

Price: $69.99 + taxes

  • Training supervision
  • Optimization of the execution of movements and posture in order to improve performance and avoid injuries
  • Promote diligence and pleasure in training
  • This service is offered in store or online
  • Insurance receipts available in kinesiology


Insurance receipts available in kinesiology