Krono Gel

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Discover our range of energy gels, designed to provide you with a quick source of carbohydrates and sodium during your intense efforts. These gels are ideally formulated to replenish your electrolyte stores.

Maple Energy Gel is a 100% natural source of energy. These minerals play an important role in muscle contraction. Its intensity and aroma offer a unique flavor that combines pleasure and performance.

Convenient to consume, its smooth texture provides a high, progressively released energy, allowing for sustained intense efforts in all endurance sports.

Energy gels align with the philosophy of natural, healthy, and effective nutrition. They contain none of the major allergens recognized in Canada.


Take one sachet at the start of your physical activity and one sachet every 30-45 minutes thereafter, depending on the intensity of the efforts and your energy needs.
It is recommended not to wait until you feel weak to consume it.


  • The perfect ally for training, it reduces muscle fatigue and facilitates recovery.
  • Protects muscles against dehydration and cramps.
  • After training, it helps the body quickly replenish its glycogen stores.
  • Rich in minerals, antioxidants, and trace elements.
  • Maple provides a considerable dose of carbohydrates that are easily metabolized into glucose during training, supplying the necessary energy for performance and contributing to increased endurance
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