Juliana 2024 Furtado 5 C MX

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Turn any trail into a fun-filled playground with the Furtado.
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Are you that friend who loves to find the features on a flat peice of singletrack? Hop over that root, pump into that rut, find the playfulness around every turn. With mixed wheels and just the right amount of suspension, this efficient yet capable rig will help you find that line and keep you smiling lap after lap.

Available in: Carbon C & Carbon CC
Wheel size: MX
Front travel: 140
Rear travel: 130


Unlock all of the details that make the Furtado so capable and fun in the Factory Settings Video.

Mixed Wheel Myth Busters

Juliana athlete, Delilah Cupp, spends lots of her free time on her Furtado. When she's not skiing or pumping iron, she's rallying the dynamic single track of Bellingham and other far flung destinations. Delilah is big in personality but small in stature. At 5"1', Del happily rides a small Furtado and loves the mixed wheels. In her words, "I love the rolling speed of 29" wheels and the nimble handling and control of 27.5", so the mixed wheel option is perfect for me to ride that sweet spot with aspects of both. In bikes and in life, who doesn't love a mullet?!"

Ride For Life

The legendary fit, finish and quality construction puts it into a league of its own. The frame, bearings and optional Reserve wheels come with a lifetime warranty and any service is easy to do with our Rider Support pledge.

Furtado Frame Specifications

Suspension System VPP
Headset/Headtube Integrated (IS41/52)
Seat Post 31.6mm
Seat Clamp 36.4mm
Eye to Eye length 210mm
Stroke 50mm
Fork Compatibility 140mm
Fork Offset 44mm
Brake Mount PM 180mm
BB Shell 73mm Threaded
Max Tire Size 2.5"
Max Chainring Size 34t
Water Bottle Mounts 1
Shock Mounting Bushing Front 30x8
Shock Mounting Bushing Rear 30x8 (bearing compatible)
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